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Julie Dickens

Julie Dickens is the Director and CEO of JDM School of Dance, based in McKinney, Texas. Due to the success of JDM, in 2021, Julie decided to open another dance studio at a new location called Twinkle Star Dance Academy, in Frisco, Texas, which is growing from strength to strength.


She is also the owner of Doodycalls Pet Waste Removal Service. She has been in business for many years and is also an advocate for health and wellness.

Julie Dickens

Julie has been featured in magazines, on TV Channels in the USA and her brand and business is expanding exponentially, into a second location for her dance studio empire, to continue to share her passion of dance with others in the community.


She is a proud Mom to her daughter and is also a Dog Mama to her golden doodle Ella.

Julie Dickens Books

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Compiled and Edited by Rebecca Adams

Julie Dickens' Chapter starts on page 161

Smashing Through The Stop Sign Of Life book.png
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Compiled, Edited and Published by Rebecca Adams Publishing House

Julie Dickens' Chapter starts on page 73


Julie Dickens



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