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Louise Adair

Louise has always loved to write and started from an incredibly young age writing stories and letters. She loves to crochet, make blankets for her friends and family who are pregnant or if they're going through a tough time. Crocheting gives her the same sense of peace that writing does.

Louise Adair

She loves all things Disney and loves nothing more than to get lost in a good book. Her favourite types of books are fictional books about the war time, nurses in the war and books that talk about people overcoming challenges.

Louise is also a mental health advocate and wants to campaign and support the minority of people that mental health services say are too complicated to treat. She understands the stigma first-hand and wants to work alongside charities and the NHS to help change the way people are treated as she believes everyone should receive the same treatment.

Louise Adair Books

Smashing Through The Glass Ceiling book.png
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Compiled and Edited by Rebecca Adams

Louise Adair's Chapter starts on page 91 (under her previous surname)

Smashing Through The Stop Sign Of Life book.png
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Compiled, Edited and Published by Rebecca Adams Publishing House

Louise Adair's Chapter starts on page 175


Louise Adair


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