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Ray Coates

Ray Coates is a Singer-songwriter, poet, actor, international bestselling co-author, public speaker and Father of 5. He is passionate about inspiring others to find their own unique voice by connecting through creativity.


After losing his voice for an entire year in 2008 Ray released the single ‘The Voice Within’ to raise funds and awareness of head and neck cancer.

Due to this experience of disconnection and isolation as a result of throat cancer, Ray constantly reaches out to provide a voice for the voiceless. At the end of 2019 the song ‘The Voice Within’ was re-released, with a different version, to raise funds and awareness for the homeless prevention organisation Shelter.

Ray Coates

Ray has also written music for a documentary series aired on major networks in the USA in April 2020. In May 2020 Ray released his first album ‘Garden of Life’ for download and now as a LIMITED EDITION CD.

In 2020 Ray became an international bestselling co-author with the phenomenally inspirational book ‘Smashing Through the Glass Ceiling’. Featuring 13 other co-authors, including the books compiler and originator Rebecca Adams. In his chapter Ray opens up the deep emotion of his cancer experience and the strength, resilience and light of hope that sparked through this experience.

Ray engages regularly in weekly creative connections through the following means:

* A weekly website Blog

* A weekly YouTube Vlog ‘Diary of a Songwriter - Let’s Connect’.

Ray has written a number of personalised ‘DNA signature songs’ and collaborates in joint songwriting. At the end of 2020, Ray began a series of Facebook Lives that led to the creation of the currently released collaboration album ‘Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity)’. This album includes co-lyricists from Australia; Canada; UK and USA.


The album features songs inspired by and written with 3 of the co-authors of ‘Smashing Through the Stop Sign of Life’. Track 7 Rebecca Adams ‘Keep Going Always’. Track 9 Susan Anne Lynn ‘Be Like This Child’. Track 11 Michelle Roche ‘Altered State’. ‘Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity)’. Is available to order on CD from Ray’s website and is available from ALL major digital download stores, including iTunes

Ray Coates Books

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Compiled and Edited by Rebecca Adams

Ray Coates' Chapters starts on page 53

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Rebecca Adams Publishing House Logo.png

Compiled, Edited and Published by Rebecca Adams Publishing House

Ray Coates' Co-written Chapter starts on page 45


Ray Coates



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