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Sherry Cannon-Jones

"Let the beauty of the everyday sustain you"


Sherry Cannon-Jones is the 'Soul's Purpose Strategist', helping women to live a life of Soul Centred Joy. She is a qualified Silent Counselling Practitioner, certified in life coaching and mindfulness and brings her unique faith-based coaching and Energy Release techniques together, to take you from feeling empty, deflated and without direction in this life, to one of truly living, grounded in inner love joy peace and fulfilment.

Sherry Cannon-Jones

As a teacher for over 21 years, Sherry’s passion centred around making a difference in the lives of children and since 2018, she has been working to make a difference in the lives of those who are searching for a way to live a life of love, joy, peace, and fulfilment. When we feel our spirit is broken or we are so tired of life that we run on empty and find ourselves in a state of numbness and apathy, it is a tremendously lonely place to be. Outwardly it may appear as if you have everything you need, but inside you feel like you are slowing dying ... truth is, that is exactly what is happening to your soul.


Reawakening our soul and reconnecting to our inner Divine, allows us to draw on the infinite supply of faith and spirituality that guides us to living a life we rejoice in. We were born with everything we need inside us to connect to a life of joy and abundance. Our soul is our guiding compass to a life built on love, kindness, integrity, and authenticity. You can access the strength to come through your challenges with peace and grace.


Living in Somerset with her husband, father and their two pugs Winnie and Winston, Sherry is able to nourish her own Mind, Body, and Soul daily as they walk on the beach and around the beautiful countryside. This is also where many of her conversations with God take place.


Sherry has a strong faith and her life's journey is guided by God through the Holy Spirit. She has come to believe that all the names and labels people give to the 'something bigger than themselves' all refer to the same thing. For Sherry, it is God, others will call it 'universe, source, angels, law of attraction, divine spirit' to name a few. Love and kindness are two words Sherry tries to live by each and every day, particularly as a mum to two grown up boys, who are learning to make their way in the world.


Sherry wishes you love and light on your journey and if she is called to be part of it, then she is so thankful that your paths have crossed. You can share your collective consciousness as people awaken to the beauty of the everyday. May you let that beauty of the everyday sustain you through your challenges.

Sherry Cannon-Jones Books

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Compiled and Edited by Rebecca Adams

Sherry Cannon-Jones' Chapter starts on page 197

Compiled, Edited and Published by Rebecca Adams Publishing House

Sherry Cannon-Jones' Chapter starts on page 61


Sherry Cannon-Jones

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