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Deep breath & imagine this...

You take the leap of faith in yourself and say YES to writing your book. 

You are so proud of yourself and you hire my publishing house to publish your book.

You feel truly excited and happy in the knowing that you're being supported, guided and you're being taken care of completely throughout the whole process.


Your book gets published out to the world, after an amazing launch, and you are a published author with your name on the front of your very own book that you hold in your hands. 

You've done it! Congratulations!

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How do you feel?

Happy? Ecstatic? At Peace? Emotional? Proud? Elated?

You'll probably feel a whole array of emotions as you become a published author from writing your story and having your book available for the world to buy for forever!

It's a wonderful moment that needs celebrating!


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Let's Do This!

You may be questioning yourself, but no matter where you're starting from, you CAN do this and I've got you!

Whether you are writing in a notebook or journal, typing on a laptop, in your notes app, on an i-pad, phone or even on a typewriter - it's all important. 

You have to do what feels comfortable to you and what aligns with you in order for your best writing to flow out of you onto the paper and/or laptop screen.

And you get to make the rules of what you do and how you do it. I'll be with you every step of the way.

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