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Rebecca Adams is a dream maker. She guided, assisted and helped me with getting one of my all-time biggest dream projects ever to get done. With getting my own published books in my way outside of the box. She understood my vision and the importance of the T-E-A.


I highly recommend her services, guidance and expertise. She is the real deal. I can not wait to see where the next journey together takes us. Her publishing company is transparent and honest and follows the rules of getting self-published. If you got a dream to get your book done she is the woman to go to. Thank you.

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Taking part in Rebecca's book project was one of the best things I have done both personally and professionally.


Through the collaboration, I have made some amazing friends and contacts.

Rebecca was there every step of the way, ensuring the whole process was seamless from start to finish.


Being part of something where I could share my story along with others to create a resource to help others was truly humbling.

Thank you Rebecca

Susan Anne Lynn cancer smashing through the stop sign of life.png


For years I wanted to write a book or part of my life story to help others, but I wasn't sure how to or if I would be able to. Then the amazing Rebecca came into my life ,and I really resonated with her. So when the opportunity came up to be in the finally smashing through trilogy I was over the moon and said yes.


From that very first call she gave me the confidence to believe in myself. I trusted her with to help me get my part of my life story out there to help others. The process was very easy. Rebecca kept me updated on every part. Now I'm a published Author with 16 others in this book.


I would 100% recommend Rebecca Adams for any of her projects. She puts all of herself into it. I am looking forward to working with Rebecca again

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Rebecca asked me if I would like to be a co author in a book she was compiling ‘Smashing Through The Brick Wall’ My answer was yes and I am so glad I did it. Writing about a difficult life experience not only helps yourself to heal but it helps others too. Those reading it who connect in some way may just find the hope that they need. That in itself is an amazing feeling.


I never thought I’d be a #1 International best selling author, yet here I am along with 11 incredible human beings. If you’re thinking about doing the same I highly recommend you have a chat with Rebecca.


She is amazing to work with, she will guide you through the process with love. Her knowledge, experience and caring nature will dissolve any doubts you may have, so go for it, you won’t regret

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Rebecca Adams is amazing she gave me the opportunity to get my story out there in a published book, something I didn’t think was possible. However she made the process so easy and so simple. She kept us all very well updated and gave us all the information we needed to be able to complete the project.


Although Rebecca had some personal issues throughout the process she still turned up and made it the best experience ever for all 12 co authors. Rebecca, you truly are amazing at what you do lovely and don’t change. You're amazing the way you are.


100% Recommend Rebecca for any of her projects that she is doing, totally amazing and life changing.

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