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Sherri Olsen

Sherri is a realtor and has been for 22yrs. She has a passion for helping sellers and buyers in Commercial, Residential and Agricultural Estate.

She has 14yrs in customer service experience. She is a Lightworker, Reiki Practitioner and has certificates as a CNA certified nurse’s aid, communications, travel training and airport reservationist.

Sherri Olsen

Sherri was born in Idaho and moved to Utah when she was 1yrs old. She has 6 children, and a massive family including 17 grandchildren. 

She loves to read, go to the mountains, beaches, and parks, mediate and swim. 

Sherri has also been a guest on the Imani Speaks Radio Show and Podcast.

Sherri Olsen Books

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Compiled, Edited and Published by Rebecca Adams Publishing House

Sherri Olsen's Chapter starts on page 163


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