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Susan Anne Lynn

Susan is a single mum to three amazing boys. Born in Germany, she moved around a lot as she was an Army child.


She used to work as a care assistant for the elderly which she loved, as she loves to care for people. As a special needs mum, she has completed a lot of workshops and courses to help her understand her two boys’ autism.


Susan is a committee member for ASD family help charity, after having their support over the years, she felt it was her time to give something back. She is a loving person and wears her heart on her sleeve. She also aims to always spread love around the world with a smile.

Susan Anne Lynn

Susan loves to walk in nature and to be one with it. She finds peace whilst she does her meditations and she loves being in a group to do this, as she feels more loving energy. Susan had a spiritual awakening a few years ago which has set her on her new path, and she wants to learn all she can from energy healing and how this might be able to help the mind as well as the soul. Susan has her level 1 Reiki and is aiming to complete the level 2 with her master by the end of 2021.


During 2020 and 2021, Susan has felt her calling and it is to find a way to help teens with special needs who are suffering with mental health to find their inner peace. Also, to help their parents and give them the right tools.


She feels that she has been very lucky to have been part of writing some lyrics for an international song ‘Our Connection’ which came out in 2021. She also has another song ‘Be Like this Child’ which is now out and Ray Coates sings it beautifully. 

Susan Anne Lynn Books

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Susan Anne Lynn





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