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Victoria Sainsbury-Brown

Victoria is a proud single mum to her son Harrison, who has special needs, and is a mum to her three fur babies Lola, Rosie and Peppa. She loves spending time out walking, camping with family and just being at home with her son and dogs relaxing.


She grew up in Hanworth, Middlesex near Heathrow Airport. She has lived in Dorset and then moved to Swindon, Wiltshire in 2007, to start a new life as a single parent where she still resides.

Victoria Sainsbury-Brown

Victoria has experience in sales and customer service. She was a trained pharmacy dispenser and is now the proud owner of the only Raw and Natural pet supplies shop in Swindon, which is going fabulous and growing daily.


She loves her job and gets to meet amazing people and their dogs too as she loves to help all the dogs daily.


Through telling her story, in this book, she would like to help make sure that no one else gets told that they are too young to get this disease and to fight for a diagnosis. To show that with strength, determination and a lot of love and support with whatever life battles you are faced, you can come through the other side.

Victoria Sainsbury-Brown Books

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Compiled, Edited and Published by Rebecca Adams Publishing House

Victoria Sainsbury-Brown's Chapter starts on page 151


Victoria Sainsbury-Brown






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